About Thomas And Aurora Strutz And This Web Site


All paintings, photos, graphic design etc. have been painted, taken or done by Thomas and Aurora, unless otherwise stated.


This website has been in transition from a website that originally showed the art of Thomas and Aurora, then projects (we call for fun “AGTM Production” and finally the Strutz Art Cafe that opened its doors on November 8, 2014.


Thomas' Art
It has been a life long process of learning and studying art with his father and his family. It includes countless travels and hours painting together with many helpful and critical comments from the Master. Thomas has a doctoral degree in Physics. He has been living in Japan for more than 20 years and is based in Osaka. He held positions with Unaxis Japan, AKT (Applied Materials), and is now with Forth-Rite Technologies. More details can be found in his resume. His list of scientific and technical publications can be found here.


Aurora's Art

She was born in Abra, Philippines and has been a resident of Japan for more than 20 years.

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education; Area of Concentration: English


She worked as an English Language Teacher, employed by Australia and New Zealand Bank Osaka Branch and then Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company Tokyo Branch Osaka Extension. Now, she works as an interpreter / teacher to different public and private institutions and organizations in Japan.



Strutz Art Café

We founded and own the first café of its kind in the province of Abra, Philippines.


AGTM Productions

This is a fun code name for the organization of projects and events that Aurora (AG) and Thomas (TM) have been doing. It is not a company.

The Banner
Our banner (from left to right) shows one painting from Thomas in Crete, one from Aurora in Santorini, a photo of the first exhibition of Theo Strutz’ paintings in Osaka, a photo of the Red Bird of Paradise Flowers in our garden in Bangued, a photo of a coffee tree in our farm, the logo of the Strutz Art Café superimposed, the final pose of Thomas and Aurora’s cha-cha-cha demonstration in the New Otanini Hotel during the 40th anniversary of the Hashimoto Dance Studio, and Thomas and Aurora on stage performing the rock song “It’s So Easy” with a pro-band during the student 2013 summer concert of Journey’s Club.


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