Chapel in the mountain of Spili, Crete 19-May-2015

View from Irini Mares Hotel, Crete 20-May-2015

Chapel in the Amari Valley, Crete, 23-May-2015

Old Stone Bridge in Amari Valley, Crete, 25-May-2015

Vori, Crete 27-May-2015

Beach of Agios Georgios, Crete 28-May-2015

Red Beach Santorini 7-May-2013

Oia Santorini 8-May-2013

Vori Crete 11-May-2013

Chapel in the mountain of Spili Crete 12-May-2013

Agios Georgios Crete 15-May-2013

Old Stone Bridge in Amari Valley, Crete, May 7, 2011

Moni Vrondisi Monastery, Crete, May 8, 2011

Agia Galini, Crete, May 12, 2011


Aurora did her first paintings sitting next to Theo. All these paintings are also done outside in front of the objects. Aurora never liked paintings in her childhood until quite recently. Now she discovered that it is a wonderful way of traveling and catching magic moments.

 Copyright Thomas & Aurora Strutz