Aurora loves cooking for people who appreciate her food. All parties and events we organized that include Phillipine and German cooking, she prepared them and of course with Thomas’ help.

Such events are the Dance Parties of the “Au’s Ballroom Dance Group” and events during art exhibitions. One of the latter was the “European  Art & Asian Food Fiesta” in 2012, and the Opening Party of the Magical Art of Maria Strutz Art Exhibition on March 2, 2013.

Here is a selection of Filipino dishes that are favorites. One dish deserves special mentioning: the Rellenong Bangus - Stuffed Milkfish. The bangus, or milkfish, is a delicious fish, unfortunately it has an awful lot of small bones. The Rellenong Bangus is prepared by first removing all the flesh. Then all the bones are taking out of the flesh by hand, a very tedious work. The flesh is mixed with vegetables and fried. Finally it is stuffed back into the emptied milk fish. The whole stuffed fish can then, for example, be put on the barbecue grill. The unexpecting guests might be very suprised, when they cut the fish that not only fish but also vegetables are appearing. Needless to say that it is a very delicious dish.


Amrosa Bananas

Barbecue in our garden



Bitter Melon with Ground Beef

Dinengdeng with Bangus Milkfish - Ilocano Dish

Dragon Fruit Full

Dragon Fruit Iced Drink

Dragon Fruit Peeled

Dragon Fruit

Food for Party

Fresh Wild Eals

Ginataang Santol - Pork with the Ginataang fruit saute in coconut milk

Katuday Flowers and Tomato Salad - Ilocano Salad

Making of the Unagi Eal Sauce

Nilagang Baka


Pumpkin Flower and Tomato Salad

Rellenong Bangus - Stuffed Milkfish

Salad With Fresh Lemon

Salty Red Duck Eggs

Seaweed Grapes


Sisig big chunks


Stuffing of the Rellenong Bangus


Tinolang Manok

Tocino - Sweetened Pork


Unagi-Grilled Eal Japanese Style

Vegetarian Pinabet

Vietnames Noodle Soup

White Squash with Pork

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