Expecting Mama, oil crayons, around 1966

Grandpa plays the bass, oil crayons, Oct

Mama in hospital after giving birth, oil crayons,  1966

Painting woman, after visiting Picasso exposition, oil crayons, 1968

My father, Dec

Self portrait, Dec

Bovbyerg, Denmark, July 21, 1970, pen drawing

Claw of a lobster, Denmark, July 7, 1970, ink pen

Cloud formations in Denmark, July 18, 1970, pen drawing

Eisenmanns Hof, Scheffau, Austria, 1977, charcoal

Former train station in Muelheim, Eifel, Germany, Oct

Poster 2 fuer Eisenbahnwettbewerb

Poster fuer Eisenbahnwettbewerb

Scherenschnitte-Silhouettes Familie

Dinosaur black and white, linocut, 1971

Dinosaur, from linocut, 1971

Dinosaur, linocut, 1971

Mississippi Steam Ship, linocut, around 1972

Spacewalk around the earth, linocut, 1972

Steamlocomotive, For Eisenbahnwettbewerb, linocut, 1970

Steamlocomotives, For Eisenbahnwettbewerb, linocut, 1970

Voracious dinosaur, linocut, 1971

Schwingungen - Oscillations, 1972, 13 years

Snakes 1971, Klasse 6d, 11 years old

Basilica di San Marco, Venice, June 29, 1977, water color

Colorfull houses in Burano, Italy, June 1977, water color

Crab and sea weed, Penerf, Bretagne July 21, 1976, water color

Mont St

Murano, Italy, June 1977, water color

Penerf, Bretagne July 1976, water color

Sailing boats in Penerf, Bretagne, 1976, water color

Santa Maria de la Salute Church, water color, 1977

Scheffauer, Austrian Alps, 1977, water color

Scheffauer, Austrian Alps, July 1977, water color

The fisherman's house, Penerf, Bretagne 1976, water color


I have many paintings, drawings, lino prints, and collages from my childhood. Many of them reflect magic moments of childhood.

The crayon pictures show family members, like my mother expecting with my sister, my grand father playing the bass, my mother after giving birth, and a painting woman. There are drawings made in the dunes of Denmark, the farm house in Austria where we spend wonderful summer vacations, lino cuts of astronauts and dinosaurs, and the first water color paintings. The collages were works for a student competition sponsored by the DB, the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

 Copyright Thomas & Aurora Strutz