Autumn Chuuguu Onsen no1, Nov10, 1994

Autumn Chuuguu Onsen no2, Nov10, 1994

Autumn Chuuguu Onsen no3, Nov10, 1994

Autumn Ryuanji Minoh, Nov 26, 2008

Autumn Saikouji, Minoh, Nov 24, 2007

Autumn Saikouji, Minoh, Nov 26, 2000

Bell Tower with Rose, Minoh, November 26, 2011 36x48cm

Cherry blossom Saikouji, Minoh, Osaka, Apr9, 2007

Cherry blossom in Saikouji, Minoh,  Apr5 2007, 41x32m2

Cherry blossom in Saikouji, Minoh, Apr 5 2008, 41x32m2

Daikouji Ikeda, Dec1 2005, 41x32cm2

Fujisan, Apr13, 1992

Ikeda Castle, Nov7 2005, 32x23cm2

Rainy Sakura, Saikouji, Minoh, Apr15, 2006, 41x32m2

Ryuanji Gate Minoh, Dec20 2005, 41x32cm2

Ryuanji Gate, Minoh, Dec15, 2005, 41x32cm2

Ryuanji Minoh, Dec2 2006, 41x32cm2

Ryuanji Minoh, Dec7 2005, 41x32cm2

Ryuanji Minoh, Nov10 2005, 34x25cm2

Ryuanji Minoh, Nov21 2005, 41x32cm2

Ryuanji Minoh, Nov28 2005, 41x32cm2

Ryuanji, Nov

Saikoji Minoh, Nov15 2005, 34x26cm2

Saikouji Minoh, Dec10 2005, 41x32cm2

Saikouji Minoh, Dec12 2005, 41x32cm2

Saikouji Minoh, Dec3 2006, 41x32cm2

Saikouji Minoh, Dec9 2005, 41x32cm2

Saikouji Minoh, Nov22 2005, 41x32cm2

Saikouji Minoh, Nov25 2005, 41x32cm2

Saikouji Minoh, Nov29 2005, 41x32cm2

Saikouji, Minoh Sakura, Apr3, 2006, 41x32m2

Sakura in Saikouji, Minoh, Apr14, 2005 33x24cm2

Shidarezakura cherry blossom in Ryuanji, Mino, Osaka, Apr14, 2007

Shidarezakura cherry blossom in Ryuanji-before improv, Mino, Osaka, Apr14, 2007

Wild Rose in Minoh, May2, 2005


Since 1991 I (Thomas) am living in Japan first in Tokyo, now in Osaka. There are two seasons in Japan that absolutely invite for painting. The first is the cherry blossom season, when life awakes from winter celebrated all over the country by people having picnic parties under cherry trees in parks. Whole streets are lined with cherry trees, so are many monuments and temples. And then there is autumn. The color of autumn leaves in Japan can be absolutely awesome. Most typical for the autumn colors are the leaves of the Japanese cherry tree (Sakura) and those of the maple tree (Momiji).

The water color paintings shown here were done at very different times. Mount Fuji is standing out painted at a cold April day during the first visit of my parents to Japan in 1992. Then there are three paintings made in rapid succession at the same place on the same day in Chuuguu Onsen on Nov. 10, 1994, the second visit of my parents to Japan. The paintings show the flaming yellow, orange and red color palette of this autumn day in the Japanese mountains. The colors were such that one would think being in the midst of a forest fire. The first picture of the Saikouji Temple (Minoh) in autumn was made during the third visit of my parents to Japan. The painting of cherry blossoms in the Saikouji was done, when my sister visited me. The others I painted in the following years. Later on, in the autumn of 2005 I ventured out more into the neighborhood of Minoh, a town in Osaka Prefecture, where I live, and painted more colorful views at the Saikouji Temple and Ryuanji Temple.

 Copyright Thomas & Aurora Strutz