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Thomas loves riding a motorcycle. He actually thought about taking a license in 1981 in Oregon. Then, he dreamed of either getting a motorcycle license or of learning horse back riding. He actually took a horse back riding lesson, but never came to riding a motor cycle. That had to wait until 1991, when he got his European motorcycle license in Grenoble, France, passing both the obligatory theoretical test and practical test.
Unfortunately, this license was not recognized upon arrival in Tokyo in the same year. He therefore passed the practical driving test in Samezu (that is actually with the police) for motor cycles up to 400cc (without going to a driving school). He always dreamt of driving a bigger motorcycle, however a separate license for heavy motorcycles is necessary to procure which seemed difficult in his busy life in Japan. Only in 2013 he went again to the driving school to finally pass the Japanese driving license for heavy motor cycles.

BMW R1200R - 1He recently bought a BMW R1200R, a wonderful motorcycle with convincing performance and beautiful design. It is equipped with an air/oil-cooled flat twin ('Boxer') 4-stroke engine with 1170 cm3 and maximum power of 110 horsepowers. The pictures taken are in the rice fields of Minoh City just before the rice harvest.


Suzuki SV400Before he rode a Suzuki SV400 (400cc) for 14 years and put nearly 70,000 km on it. The SV400 had a V-type 2 cyclinder engine of 400cc. This picture was also taken in the rice fields of Minoh in summer.


Suzuki_GF250S_450Until 1999 he rode on 2 other older bikes, one of which was a Suzuki GF250 G571C with only 250 cc but 4 cylinders.

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