The Philippines is a beautiful country, an archipelago of more than 7000 tropical islands. It is Aurora’s home country. Many of the photos taken on various trips show the beauty of various places in the Philippines. Others show scenes out of life and a few show the poverty highlighting the difficulties so many Filipinos are facing.

  • Abra/Ilocos

    Banana flower and fruits, Abra, 2012

    Bangued, Abra, 2012

    Beautiful landscape close to Bangued, Abra

    Butterfly, Ilocos, 2012

    Carabao - Water Buffalo in Abra

    Children looking through a window grid, Abra, 2012

    Church of Paoay - built 1704 - in Ilocos, 2012

    Coconut harvest, Abra 2012

    Coconut is made ready for drinking, Abra 2012

    Countryside, Abra, 2012

    Delicious bugs fried for lunch, Abra

    During Rainy Season in Bangued, Abra

    Folkdance Competiton at the Danglas Town Fiesta, Abra, 2012

    Halo Halo - refreshing Filipino desert, Bangued

    Home cooked sunday dinner in Bangued

    Inside the Public Market in Bangued, Abra, 2012

    Landscape in Abra towards the coast

    Lechon in Bangued, Abra, 2012

    Mountains in evening light, Ilocos 2012

    No running water here on the country side, Abra 2012

    Pagudpud Coast

    Pigletts in Abra, 2012

    Planting of rice in Ilocos 2012

    Preparation for the cockfight 2012

    Proud cock in Bangued, Abra, 2012

    Public Market in Bangued, Abra, 2012

    Rice paddies in Ilocos, 2012

    Saint Augustine Parish Church of Bantay - Vigan, Ilocos Sur, built in 1590

    Street scene in Bangued - there are much busier streets though

    Sun set in Pagudpud 2012

    The Blue Lagoon Beach, Pagudpud, 2012

    The Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud, 2012

    Thomas is riding a water buffalo, Abra

    Thomas next to Jackfruit, Abra, 2012

    Tower of Saint Augustine Parish Church of Bantay

    Aurora comes from the province of Abra, which is in the northern part of the Philippines, in Luzon. This page shows photos taken in Bangued, the provincial capital of the Abra Province, from the country side and pictures from scenes in Ilocos. Pagudpud is in Ilocos Norte, a place with incredible beaches.

  • Bohol

    Bohol is also on the tourist map, especially due to the world famous chocolate hills and the Philippine Tarziers, the world’s smallest primates. In fact they look really cute. We stayed close to Alona Beach on Panglao Island, which can be reached over a bridge from Bohol. Here the sand is sugar white. We stayed in a resort that was made all from bamboo, including the bed frames. Very nice.

    5 Star Resort, Alona Beach, Bohol

    Alona Beach, Bohol

    Baclayon Church, Bohol, built in 1727 with Corals

    Beach on Panglao Island, Bohol 2012

    Butterflies in nursery, Bohol

    Dusk at Alona Beach, Bohol

    Fortunately the Python already ate, Bohol

    My nose comes finally into perspective

    Our waiter is bringing delicious coctails on Alona Beach, Bohol

    Refreshing drink in Bohol

    Resort with bamboe bungalows, Bohol

    Santa Monica Church, Bohol

    Suspended bridge, tourist attraction in Bohol, 2012

    Tarzier, Bohol - the Philippine Tarsier is one of the smallest primates on earth

    Taxi bike in Bohol

    Tiny Tarzier in Bohol

    Traditional farming in Bohol

    View from our bungalow in Bohol

    Worldfamous Chocolate Hills in Bohol - Will be brown during the dry season

  • Palawan

    The island of Palawan is a long island that stretches in the south west  towards Borneo . It is supposed to have almost 2000 km of coast line. In 2009 we visited Puerto Princessa the provincial capital and Sabang. Sabang has one of the famous sugar-white sandy beaches. Yet, we did not see so much sugar white, as it was rainy season and most of the time raining if not outright down pouring.
    In Sabang we stayed in the Bambua Nature Park Resort, a resort built into the forest, a 10 min walk from Sabang Beach. Here we were woken up by the beautiful and very unfamiliar cries of wild birds in the morning. Altough large parts of Palawan (as in the whole Philippines) fell victim to deforestation and illegal logging, virgin forests remain in mountain ranges. Although our travel guide book told that the street to Sabang from Puerto Princessa would be a grueling jeepney ride, we were lucky, since the street was just being finished and the final stretches of street was being concreted close to Sabang.
    From Sabang it was a short boat ride to Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. Here we took a tour into the Underground River inhabited by bats. Outside there was a wonderful educative walk through virgin forest. At the ranger station we saw several gigantic Monitor Lizards that can become 2 m long. In Sabang we took a Mangrove paddle boat tour and learnt a lot about the ecological importance of mangrove forests.

    Back country Sabang, Palwan

    Bambua Nature Park Resort, Palawan

    Bambua Nature Resort Cottages, Palawan

    Bats in Underground River

    Boar meat for tonight in Sabang, Palawan

    Boat tour on Sabang Underground Riiver

    Carabao and cock in Sabang, Palawan

    Close to Sabang Beach, Palawan

    Cooking in Bambua, Palawan

    Cottages at Bambua Nature Park Resort

    Delicious home made food in the Bambua Resort, Palawan

    Delicious sea weeds in  Kalui Seafood Restaurant in Puerto, Palawan Princessa

    From Bambua restaurant

    Hand made furniture at DabDab Cottages, Sabang, Palawan

    Hibiscus in the rain, Bambua Resort, Palawan

    Jeepney on the road to Sabang, Palawan

    Kalui Seafood Restaurant in Puerto, Palawan Princessa

    Kalui Seafood Restaurant, Puerto Princessa, Palawan

    Kids in Sabang, Palawan

    Mangrove Forest, Sabang, Palawan

    Mangrove snake, Sabang, Palawan

    Modernity has been coming to Sabang (Solar lamps, concreted street)

    Monitor Lizard 150cm long, Underground River National Park, Palawan

    Nicos Cabanas at night, Palawan

    Nicos Cabanas in Puerto Princessa, Palawan

    Nipa huts at Bambua Resort, Palawan

    Poorest street in Sabang, Palawan

    Ready for Departure, Sabang, Palawan

    Rice paddies in Sabang, Palawan

    Rice paddies on the way to Sabang, Palawan

    Roadside view in Palawan

    Sabang Beach first day from  Quai

    Sabang Beach, Palawan during rainy season

    Sabang, Palawan

    Straight last part of the Sabang Underground River

    Thomas painting in the Bambua Resort, Palawan

    Ulugan Bay, Palawan

    Underground River, Sabang, Palawan

    Vie from cottage no

    View from the back of the Bambua Resort, Palawan

  • Manila

    Each trip to the Philippines brings us necessary to Manila. Photos show some historical sites in Intramuros, scenes out of the chaotic traffic, luxurious hotels and squatter areas, and delicious food etc.

    Ballroom Dance Club Calle 5 in Manila, 2006

    Bamboo Dance performance in the Zamboanga Restaurant in Manila 2012

    Breakfast Area, Diamond Hotel, Manila, 2012

    Bride in front of  San Agustin Church, Intramuros Manila, 2005

    Buffet style restaurant in Manila, 2013

    Children Posing in front of Portal in Intramuros, Manila, 2005

    Church of Malate, Manila, 2005

    Condiments in supermarket, Manila, 2009

    Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, 2005

    Dried Fish in super market Manila, 2009

    Entrance of restaurant Aristocrat, Manila, 2005

    Fish in Supermarket in Manila, 2009

    Gruene Bananen in super market, Manila, 2006

    Guard in front of Metropolitan Bank, Manila, 2009

    Halo Halo in Jolly Bees

    In Memory of the victims at Fort Santiago, commemorative plate, Manila, 2005

    Inside disco in Cebu, 2005

    Inside of  San Agustin Church, Intramuros Manila, 2005

    Jeepney traffic in Mabini St, Ermita, Manila, after a downpoor, 2006

    Jeepney traffic in Mabini St, Ermita, Manila, after a downpoor

    Lapu-Lapu, Filipino Hero, Rizal Park, Manila 2005

    Liberation of Manila 1945 -commemorative plate

    Manila Skyline from new Airport, 2009

    Old Spanish Mansion in Intramuros, Manila, 2005

    Philippine Food in buffet style restaurant, Ermita

    Plate at Church of Malate

    Pool Area, Diamond Hotel, Manila, 2012

    Poor housing in Manila, 2005

    Promenade Roxas Boulevard with Caleza, Manila, 2013

    Restaured area in Intramuros, Manila, 2005

    Roxas Boulevard at Aristocrat, Manila, 2013

    Roxas Boulevard, Manila, 2005

    San Agustin Church at night, Intramuros Manila, 2005

    Seaside promenade at Roxas Boulevard, Manila 2013

    Shanty Towns in Manila, 2005

    Sidestreets close to Intramuros, Manila, 2005

    Squatter houses in Manila, 2006

    Sunset Manila Bay, 2012

    Sunset with ships at Manila Bay, 2013

    Super market shelves filled with Sinigang, Manila, 2009

    The Chinese Cemetery in Manila, 2005

    The Rizal Monument in Rizal Park, Manila, 2005

    Traffic in Mabini St, Ermita, Manila, after a downpoor, 2005

    View from Fort Santiago, Manila, 2005

    View from hotel room, Diamond Hotel, Manila 2012

    WW2 Bullet holes still visible in Intramuros, Manila, 2005

    Wedding Limousine in front of  San Agustin Church

  • Cebu

    In 2005 we stayed in a resort on the island of Mactan, close to Cebu. The photos mostly show scenes of the beautiful tropical resort and the sea.

    Beach in front of resort, Cebu, 2005

    Boats at low tide in Cebu, 2005

    Boats off the coast of Cebu

    Country side, Cebu, 2005

    Disco in Cebu, 2005

    Evening sky Cebu, 2005

    Evening view on sea, Cebu, 2005

    Getting on the boat for a snorcheling trip, Cebu, 2005

    Live Music Entertainment at restaurant table in our resort, Cebu, 2005

    Pool and restaurant in resort, Cebu, 2005

    Pool in our resort, Cebu, 2005

    Pool in resort Cebu, 2005

    Resort Pool in Cebu, 2005

    Restaurant Area Resort, Cebu, 2005

    Tropical garden in resort, Cebu, 2005

  • Vigan 2006

    Vigan 2006
    We stayed in the Villa Angela in Vigan for several days in 2006. Vigan is the provincial capital city of Ilocos Sur, one hour from Bangued. The old city comprises many old Spanish era mansions, many of them restored. Tourists can ride calezas in the cobble stone streets of the very touristic inner part of the city. Very impressive were the celebrations on Palm Sunday around the St. Paul Cathedral which drew big crowds of worshippers.

    30m long fired kiln in pottery, Vigan, 2006

    A colonial mansion in Crisologo Street, Vigan, 2006

    Bananas in Manila Supermarket Robinsons, 2006

    Bullfrog in Villa Angela, Vigan, 2006

    Cathedral of Saint Paul in Vigan, 2006

    Cathedral, Vigan, 2006

    Cckfighting arena in Vigan, 2006

    Crisologo Street with old spanish mansions, 2006

    Dentist in Vigan, 2006 - I have seen those drills in my childhood in Hannover as well

    Night scene - restaurants in Vigan, 2006

    Orchids fastened to tree, Vigan, 2006

    Palm Sunday  procession in front of Vigan Cathedral, 2006

    Palm Sunday Procession, Vigan 2006

    Palm Sunday with real palm twigs, 2006

    Rice cooked in bamboo tubes, Vigan, 2006

    Salon in Villa Angela, Vigan, 2006

    Stockpiles of pottery in kiln, Vigan, 2006

    Thomas tries pottery making in Vigan, 2006

    View in Villa Angela, Vigan 2006

    Villa Angela, Vigan

    Villa Angela, breakfast table, 2006

  • Boracay/Mountain Province

    Boracay/Moutain Province
    At the end of the year 2001, Thomas had his first trip to the Philippines. First a few days to Boracay, a famous resort island with  a 4 km long stretch of white beach. Over the end of the year he travelled with Fr. Michael to Mountain Province and visited the famous rice terraces of Banaue.

    At beach in Boracay, 2001

    Cocus nut palm tree Boracay, 2001

    Dancing at brim of rice field in the rice terraces of Banaue, 2002

    Ethnic museum in Bontoc, 2001

    Market in Boracay, 2001

    Rice terraces close to Bontoc, 2002

    Rice terraces in Banaue, 2002

    Valley in Mountain Province, 2001

    Village in Boracay, 2001

    White Beach, Boracay, 2001

    With Toyota 4 wheel drive in Mountain Province, 2001

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