Strutz Art Café exhibits oil and watercolor paintings of artists in the family, especially of Theo Strutz, a professional artist residing in Hanover, Germany.


SantorinMohnblumen mit gelber Lilie









        Santorini                                                                                                           Red Poppies with Yellow Lilies

Strutz Art Café has the first grid-tied solar system in the whole province of Abra. 7 panels are delivering 1.75 kW peak power. According to Section 10 of the Renewable Energy Act of 2008 (Republic Act No. 9513),  “net metering” should allow to export the excess energy to Abreco thus contributing to a better environment in Abra. For more information please refer to the website of the DOE.


Solar Panels 3Peak Power at Noon










The pictures show 3 monocrystalline solar panels (250W peak) and a record generation of power at noon during a very clear day.


We employ an Everpure water filter system to provide the best mineral water quality for best taste and health.





Logo Design Strutz Art Cafe PNG v2


The Strutz Art Café is colorful and has a playful design. The windows are tinted to contribute to its coolness. However, at night, the interior shines through and allows a nice view on the interior design.

Strutz Art Cafe Front

Strutz Art Cafe In The Evening

Opening Day

Gallerie Wall

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