Espresso Based Coffees and Beverages

Strutz Art Café proudly uses premium quality Italian beans of the world renowned Italian Coffee Brand Mauro for all its espresso beverages. Cafe Mauro is an Italian Coffee Blend of Arabica Beans from Brazil & Columbia and Robusta from Java. The blend produces a nutty, chocolate finish with a medium body. Mauro uses a characteristic “slow roasting” process to produce a medium roast. During the roasting process, the water inside the beans gradually evaporates, the sugars caramelize without burning and the essential oils, which define the fragrance and aroma of the blend, are enhanced. It gives best quality of espresso taste.

Mauro Cappuccino


The cup of cappuccino shown here is placed on a beautiful ”Abel” hand woven table cloth made in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Strutz Art Café also likes to showcase locally produced coffee beans, as Abra is a coffee growing region. We serve coffee made from locally produced coffee beans, such as the Abra Native Coffee produced by the Baay Cooperative (Baay-Licuan, Abra).These coffees are served as drip coffee.

Abra Native Coffee

 In the future we also intend to serve coffee prepared from our own coffee plantation in Abra, once the trees are bearing fruits. The pictures below shows one of our young Arabica coffee trees.

Coffee Plant


Teas, Chocolates, Ice-Lemonades, Smoothies, and Frappes

Strutz Art Café serves besides Espresso Classics and Drip Coffees many other type of beverages: Teas (hot and cold), Hot Chocolate, Cold Beverages, Special Iced-Lemonades, Smoothies, and Frappes. The pictures below show (from left to right) only a very few examples (a very refreshing iced lemonade, a very delicious frappe, and our signature coffee, hot or iced, the Strutzino.

Green AppleStrutzino1

Black Forest Tart Cut



Café style foods and snacks

We will also be serving delicious home made sandwiches, home baked cakes, cookies, waffles, deserts etc.

Logo Design Strutz Art Cafe PNG v2




Sandwich California BLT

German Applecake

King s Cake

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